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Gummi Fridriksson

I still remember when Asgeir Runar Helgason came to my apartment at Grafarvogur in 1991 with the lyrics, and the song came to me soon thereafter.

I loved the group Islandsvinir and asked Palmi Sigurhjartarson to help me arrange the song, which he did fantastically well. He then got his fellow Islandsvinir to record it at Studio Stodin. Kari Waage obviously nailed the singing, like only he could, and I was therefore two minded about re-doing the lead vocals, but hey, it’s my song so there we go :)

Ben Hakalitz and I then re-mixed Dagdraumar and handed over to Rocco to make the video, which I’m extremely happy with.

I thank all for their contribution and especially Asgeir Runar for the great lyrics, Palmi and his team of fellow Islandsvinir for their massive effort and Rocco for the wonderful video.

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