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Evenings are Sweet

The Baguette Bistro Band

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Gummi wrote the song in the 1980’s to lyrics by Sigurgeir Þorvaldsson, who called himself Kálhaus. He was the brother of his grandfather Árni Þorvaldsson.

During those years Gummi was in a folk group, Tritiltoppa kvartettinn along with Arni Gudmundsson, Gudrun Edda Oladottir and Birgir Bragason. As active members of Visnavinir (poet society) they performed this song as part of their program and often at Hotel Borg where Visnavinir would get together on the last Thursday of each month.

Asgeir Oskarsson did the beautiful arrangements for the song in 1991 and earlier this year Gummi translated the lyrics to English and along with Ben Hakalitz and the Baguette Bistro Band finished the song and recorded it.

Performed by: The Baguette Bistro Band

Song by Gudmundur Fridriksson

Lyrics: Sigurgeir Thorvaldsson (Kálhaus)

English translation: Gudmundur Friðriksson

Animation: Rocco Fazzari

Executive producer: Gudmundur Fridriksson

Recording: Ben Hakalitz

Arrangements: Ásgeir Óskarsson, Ben Hakalitz, Guðmundur Friðriksson and Rubina Kimiia.

Vocals: Rubina Kimiia, Louise Ottewell, Nikki Doll and Claire Miligan

Bass/Cymbals: Ben Hakalitz

Guitars: Gudmundur Fridriksson

Violins: Simon MacMiniman

Synth Midi Violins: Ásgeir Óskarsson

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